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Greetings all–the great thing about this journey that I am on is that I get to speak to and with people from all walks–those I know-those I bump into in a coffee shop or a line somewhere or folks that I come into contact with through my site or who respond to my articles. My thanks to ALL those folks who took the time to share a bit of themselves with me this week.

Podcast/Interview with Dr. Stephanie Stanfield

Click on the link above to hear the interview.


 Dr. Stanfield has also created a great program designed to assist working moms and dads who are highly stressed become less stressed and more effective parents.

Click on the green icon called ‘Making Shifts Happen’ on the right hand side of this page to read more about this very exciting approach to being better parents.


So You Want To Change The Course Of  Your Life?

Here are 5 Questions From my book called ‘Managing Me . . . Discover 8 Keys To More Passion & Inner Peace’ for you to consider that could change the course of your life.

—How much of what you want would be enough?

—How will you know when you have enough?

—What would others see that would be different about you if you found what you wanted?

—What are the different ways you could get to where you want to be?

—What do you need to do starting right now that would move you closer to your goal? 


An Important Parenting Tip To Help You Talk To Your Kids 

Tip #1–If you hope to develop any kind of relationship with your kids you have to learn how to talk with them and not at them. This will require you giving them your undivided TIME. That means that you spend time with them. You need to show some interest in what they feel is important. Play catch-fly a kite–anything that requires you to spend time with them doing something. This is not a 10 or 15 minute exercise just to say that you did it. It must be must be genuine. They will know otherwise. Never make a promise that you can’t or don’t keep. If you say you are going to spend time with them–that’s what you do.

Another tip next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and neighbours

All the best, Jim


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