Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #110

Greetings–There is growing concern among our children, parents and an increasing number of teachers that the system that has served to educate our children over the past 100+years is no longer relevant and connected to the needs and skills that our kids will have demonstrate if they are to have a chance to compete for good paying jobs. There is so much more to discuss and I suspect we will in the coming weeks.

If you as a care giver have any interest in knowing more and becoming informed about how you can help to rectify this problem, and it is a problem now, then please go to my website at and check out some of the information that I have posted there. No obligation to buy anything–this is simply the start of providing a solid discussion about what we need to do to ensure that our kids are as well prepared as they can be to survive in the new economies that demand so much more than what school and programs today are providing. In a nut shell we suggest that we need to be teaching our kids how to think and not what to learn.


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