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  1. Religion and spirituality are two totally different things that people often get confused about. Sure religion by definition is a set of beliefs coupled with certain things people practice because of those beliefs. A person can do a lot of religious stuff and still not be spiritual at all. Spirituality implies some sort of a connection to a spiritual being(s), non-physical yet just as real. I have seen many people over the years attend their churches regularly for years and yet remain un-spiritual.
    We (Christians) would say it more like this. If you go to church every Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than going into your garage daily makes you a car. Doing religious things CAN be a sign of spirituality but not a guarantee. It takes asking the Spirit to indwell your life that is the secret that makes the difference. – “Anyways that’s how I see it.”

  2. Religion and spirituality are not the same. Right! The challenge for Christians is to be spiritual without being religious in the sense that being Christian reflects a relationship with Christ whereas being religious may not include a genuine relationship with Christ at all. Spirituality reflects something deep and essential in ourselves. That “something” is a relationship that stirs in us a desire to be like the Master: to be connected to Him and to know His love for us was revealed by his death and resurrection. Yet, we can be “spiritual” without faith in Christ. That, too, is not Chrisitan spirituality. Nor is a life that does not express the love we receive by loving others as we are loved. Loving in this way is not romantic. It is agape love: selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional. Thus we “love” our enemies. We will help them when they need help. We do not have to agree to be accepting and caring. God knows, we are not worthy of complete, unconditional love. We are all flawed: none perfect. Yet, we were and still are loved unconditionally unto deaath. Love so amazing is what we are called to have. We will come closer when we understand the difference between spirituality, faith, and acceptance versus religiousness.


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