What Are You Thinking About When You . . .

Timing Is Everything
Timing Is Everything

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch a Moody Blues Concert the other night on PBS–great band–great show. They played one tune in particular that always stands out for me. It’s called “Tuesday Afternoon”. The lyrics suggest, at least to me, that life is made up of the the following: a day begins-birth and then morning, lunch, afternoon, evening, twilight and night. Each time frame represents an age. I see myself in the evening of my life and evening represents a time when I see my approaching senior years–those times in and around my 60’s.

I now spend more of my precious time considering how life has changed and how the meaning of things has or is changing as well. Things that used to have some importance, or so I thought, are no longer as relevant for me as they once were. Simple issues are much more black and white for instance and I seem to have less patience and tolerance for ignorance, greed and people whose focus is more about them than it is for the betterment of others. I become upset, more quickly, when someone says something or wants me to believe something when my experience tells me point blank that what he or she is selling is a crock. They know it, I know it and they know I know it but they keep trying anyway. The point here is that while watching, listening and being fully engaged in the world and its offerings, especially when I was a younger man, I now realize that much has changed. I guess I was too busy living life to pay any attention to how to live it better. So many people, and not just our youth, have become, generally speaking of course, so much more self absorbed and ego-centric. Time has rushed by and I didn’t keep track, until recently, how much or how little of it I may have left.

I use this space to write and discuss and complain about many things but there are some things that plague my thoughts. I can’t seem to reconcile where I was and where I am now when thinking about the impact these ‘things’ have had and continue to have on the course and quality of my life. So–I need your help to provide me with other opinions, insights and experiences so that I have a larger pool of information to draw from when settling those ‘inner conflicts’ that follow me wherever I go. I encourage young folks, middle aged folks and older folks to contribute to this request.

I have created a list of thoughts, situations and conundrums that I would appreciate hearing about (Please comment on as many as you wish):

-why is it we forgive people for their transgressions more easily when they die than when they are alive?
-is love and intimacy the same thing? When does it take on new meaning?
-when/how did we decide to value our ‘things’ more than our children/family/friends?
-is it better to be ‘happy’ or to be ‘right’?
-is it important to believe there is a God?
-is it important to believe that there isn’t a God?
-why does it seem easier to be angry with others rather than to be nicer to others? (Random acts of kindness=warm fuzzies for both.)
-why do people become so serious about being serious?
-how will I be remembered after I die?
-will I leave the planet a better place than when I came to it?
-what are the really important things I needed to spend more time doing?
-did I risk enough?
-did I play enough?
-what will dying be like? (Most scary one for most I would bet)
-why is it that the closer we come to death the more alive we feel?
-did I focus more on my ‘responsibilities’ than I did on my ‘rights’ as a person and a citizen?
-did I value all life forces or just those who could help me at some time in the future?
-how come I feel worse about losing my hair than I do about some person in another country who may go to bed at night with an empty belly?
-if we treated more people with the respect they deserve would we need to be crippled by ‘political correctness’?
-should society continue to take care of those who refuse to care for themselves?
-why are ‘older people’ often shelved in homes when they should be encouraged to share the knowledge that took a lifetime to accrue?

These are a few that come to mind right now. Please jump in and let me hear from you–I’m truly interested in how you see the world you live in and why–What are you thinking about when you . . . ?

If you have any friends who might be interested in this article, please pass it along to them

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best–Jim

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  1. I don’t think there’s enough room here to say all I feel about this article. These are questions I’m sure many of us ask ourselves. To take them point by point would fill volumes, but just to answer a couple – is it important to believe in God? I can’t imagine not believing in God. It is my faith that has sustained me through many things, and because to me my faith is my life and not a weekly thing, I have no fear when it comes to death. That’s not to say I’m ready to go yet, but I am not afraid. Will I have made an impact during my life? I sure hope so, and I see it in my children who both have grown up to be wonderful, responsible men who do not have the sense of entitlement so often seen today, who work hard, have great senses of humour and treat their mother with love and respect.

  2. Greetings Nancy–thank you for taking the time to respond to my article. I too believe that a strong faith, for many, is essential to having a happy and gratifying life experience. I admit it gets tested every once in a while but I’m a work in progress. Thanks again–all the best–Jim


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