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Write Your Non-Fiction Book

If you have a desire to be an author but don’t know how to get it started make sure to checkout the seminar I’ll be doing next month… Join fellow authors Roxanne Derhodge, Dr. Gary Page and myself for a full jam-packed day and…
  • We’ll show you how to write your book in 90 days or less
  • How to self-publish your work and save mega dollars in the process
  • How to get your book ready to market it as a finished product
  • Share some tips on how to begin promoting it to the public
 Looking forward to presenting our Authors/Writers workshop on August 22:
There are still a couple of  seats open at the table for those folks interested in writing that book that lingers inside. Don’t let doubt about your work keep you from learning how to self publish your dream of having your name on the cover. Go to jimcloughley.com -click on the button “for more information. . . .” then click on the ‘green box’ in the middle of the next page and register for the program. Lots of information there to help you decide if this is for you.
New Web Site
I am excited about my new web site being 95% finished–just working out some final details that should make it very visitor friendly. Completing the e-commerce piece so that resources can be purchased right on the site. To see my new site please go to:      jimcloughley.com
Expanding My Affiliate Program
An affiliate program is one where colleagues and other professionals highlight and support each other’s work and passions. It is great for the those who like to stay informed about what’s new. This week I am pleased to announce my affiliation with Dr. Stephanie Stanfield-an expert in her field and a creator of “How to live a purposeful life.”   This is a sample of what one of her programs is about:

From Stressed to Calm for Moms – Calm Moms! This is part of the COHMI series (Creating Optimal Healththrough MindBodySpiritIntegration)

“Be all of who you can be with your children. Know them and relate to them in new and empowering ways for both of you.

Work with energy, confidence and enthusiasm in your life by learning specific skills that will give you control over stressful people or situations in your life. This experiential process is designed for all who are interested in a higher quality of life and want to reach their full potential.

Learn how to relax quickly, improve self-image, increase self esteem, improve concentration, and how to manage your worry. You can experience freedom from old patterns that create stress, fatigue and restricting beliefs.”

For more information about this great program go to:        http://makingshiftshappen.com/
I hope to add other affiliate participants to my newsletter periodically so stay tuned to more great programs designed to help add passion and excitement to your life.
All the best, Jim

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