Wisdom Of The Ages . . .Not What I Thought

It is interesting what we remember as we grow older. I can remember my parents or grandparents?? saying something about “the wisdom of the ages.” Now I always thought what they were talking about was related to history and how we are supposed to learn from it because it has great lessons to share. I always supposed that was correct and so I always tried to learn about what the message was from history. Perhaps it is still like that for some but I no longer count myself among and amidst those folks.

My experience has been different. Now that may not surprise some but that’s the truth of it. I have now come to understand that wisdom of the ages does not refer to any point in time or an event but rather it refers to all of us who have managed to live this long and who have travelled this far. It is about me, the person, and us the people–not a space of time. We are the wise ones now who bring with us what we have seen and heard. WE are those “ages”-right now-in the flesh for all to see and interact with. Although I have found some interesting lessons to be learned concerning things that happened before I arrived it was not because the “ages” taught me anything profound. It was due to the fact that the combination of experiences I have had and the consequences of some of the decisions I made coupled with how I handled myself and those around me who might have been affected helped me recognize that certain things happened when other certain things happened and the result was I learned something important. It is about me NOT about the time that it happened or any particular “age.” It is me who passed and continues to pass those “wisdoms” along to my kids and a few important others in my life. Others do the same for me so that I can learn from them. And on it goes.

So those “wisdoms” are what I offer today. After all the thinking and all the relating those thoughts to folks who might be interested I have come up with a couple of thoughts that make my remaining time here so vitally important. I believe it is the time to share some of my wisdoms. Most aren’t new but they are to me and that’s all that matters. I have come by them honestly and have not incorporated them into my life because someone said I should. They mean a great deal to me. My hope is that others whom I care about and trust to a large degree will share their wisdoms with me.

  1. I do not and will not tolerate or trust those who only take and don’t share their good fortune with other people. I have no time for greedy people.
  2. I trust the children of the world to tell me how things are. Of course they can only tell me what they witness but they haven’t, for the most part, been subjected, yet, to the dishonesty and duplicity of evil people so what they tell me is likely close to the REAL truth.
  3. Simple pleasures are, by far, more enjoyable than those that take a great deal of effort to create.
  4. There is nothing-not money, not fame and not fortune that is more important and more valuable than time.
  5. Do all that you can to satisfy your passion while you still can. Live it now. There is no guarantee that “next week” will come.

Anyways, that’s how I see things.

All the best and thanks for stopping by, Jim

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